Buy satellite phones from reputed sellers

Satellite phones are widely used by people with army background, media person, military, security services, etc. Satellite phones can be used for expanding your business as it acts as an effective communication device for the employees and colleagues. You should buy satellite phones from reputed stores only.

Satellite phones are used by people who belong to army background. As their work environment is quite dangerous, they use satellite phones for security purposes. Satellite phones are widely used by military, explorers, media people, etc. Satellite phones are the only source of communication for some people. Satellite phones help in expanding the business as it improves the communication. There are several sectors that use satellite phones to connect with people who are far away from them.

Many people think that satellite phones are not luxurious phones. They are necessity of life. If you want to buy satellite phones, there are many dealers that provide high quality satellite phones at affordable rates. Some of the dealers offer rental facilities also to cater to the requirements and needs of people. You can look for reliable dealers online or in local yellow pages. Make sure that you purchase or rent satellite phones from reputed and reliable companies to ensure quality and clarity in networks.

Use of satellite phones has become very common these days. There are many online dealers selling high quality satellite phones to ease your communication process. You can stay connected with your friends, family members, business colleagues, etc. by using satellite phones. If you want to rent satellite phones or purchase them, you can enjoy lifetime hassle-free communication process. You can rent these phones for shorter or longer time period depending on your requirements and business or personal needs. There is no need to worry about your phone bills as they are generated weekly or daily so that the users can be aware about the calls they make. One can also keep a check on the bills as they are generated on a daily basis. You should look for the cheapest and affordable way to be in touch with your family and friends.

If you are planning to buy satellite phones, you should search for reputed and trustworthy dealers online or offline. Discuss the requirements with the staff and salesmen and get the best suggestions which can help you make the right decision for buying or renting satellite phones. You should choose to buy satellite phones from reputed sellers who provide top-notch technical support to the clients at any time.

The costs of making calls through satellite phones are considered to be quite high as compared to the regular phones. In most of the cases, the charges are high because of the data roaming. It can be a good option to opt for pre-paid plans that include vouchers worth significant amounts. You can also rent them from other services. Calling from one satellite phone to another is cheaper especially when it is the same type of satellite phone. Satellite phone is a necessity for the people who stay in remote areas.

IsatPhone Pro

IsatPhone ProThe new IsatPhone Pro offers the following features:

  • Global coverage
  • Robust handset
  • Clear voice quality
  • Reliable network connection
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use


  • The essential services: satellite telephony, voicemail, text and email messaging, GPS location data
  • The longest battery life: up to 8 hours talk time and up to 100 hours standby time
  • The most robust handset: operates at -20°C to +55°C; dust, splash and shock resistant (IP54); humidity tolerance from 0 to 95 per cent
  • The only global handheld satellite phone to support Bluetooth: place the handset on its side, with full manoeuvrability of the antenna, for easy handsfree use
  • Easy to use: intuitive GSM-style interface; high-visibility colour screen; larger keypad for easy dialling with gloves on
  • Reliable network connection: operates over global geostationary satellites that will be operational into the 2020s; significantly less possibility of call dropping
  • The ultimate value: highly competitive handset, accessories and airtime pricing



Iridium 9555

Iridium 9555The Iridium 9555 satellite phone is compact, light, and easy to use but with industrial-grade ruggedness—and it’s connected to the only truly global mobile communications network.

Rugged and reliable

The Iridium 9555 is engineered to withstand the world’s toughest environments, so the world’s toughest customers can depend on it as a critical lifeline wherever need takes them.


The Iridium 9555 is not only the smallest phone Iridium has ever made, it’s also the most powerful. With a significantly reduced footprint from our previous phone, more hand-friendly form factor, and aerodynamic features such as an internally stowed antenna, this sleek handset is designed to easily go wherever you go.

Enhanced features

In addition to the features Iridium customers have come to expect from our trusted satellite phones, the Iridium 9555 also incorporates innovations such as an integrated speakerphone, improved SMS and email messaging capabilities, and an upgraded mini-USB data port.


  • Industrial-grade design for unparalleled durability
  • Compact physical footprint for streamlined portability
  • Intuitive user interface for out-of-the-box functionality
  • Enhanced SMS and email messaging capability
  • Integrated speakerphone
  • Headset and hands-free capability
  • Internally stowed antenna
  • Mini-USB data port and support for phone as modem
  • 21 supported menu languages


  • Dimensions: 143 mm (L) x 55 mm (W) x 30 mm (D)
  • Weight: 266 g (9.4 oz)


  • Standby time: up to 30 hours
  • Talk time: up to 3.1 hours


  • 200 character illuminated graphic display
  • Volume, signal and battery strength meters
  • Illuminated weather-resistant keypad

Calling Features

  • Integrated speakerphone
  • Quick-connect to Iridium voice mail
  • Two-way SMS and short email capability
  • Pre-programmable International Access Code (00 or +)
  • Mailbox for voice, numeric & text messages
  • Selectable ring and alert tones (8 choices)


  • 100-entry internal address book, with capacity for multiple phone numbers, email addresses and notes
  • SIM card address book with 155-entry capacity
  • Call history retains received, missed and dialed calls

Usage Control Features

  • User-configurable call timers to manage costs
  • Keypad lock and PIN lock for additional security

Iridium 9555 satellite phone package includes:

AC charger, international plug kit, DC travel charger, hands-free headset, leather case, auxiliary antenna adapter, 5′ external auxiliary antenna, USB data cable, quick-start guide, user guide, and CD-ROM

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Iridium Extreme

Iridium Extreme is the toughest handset ever from Iridium. Engineered with more features and more accessories than any other satellite phone on the market, Iridium Extreme puts more innovative capability — and more ways to connect than ever before — into the hands of people everywhere.

Standardized: A highly capable handset needs a highly capable network to empower it. Iridium Extreme is built with the same reliable voice and data capability that Iridium users have come to trust, and backed by the world’s only satellite network that commands real global coverage, pole to pole.

Optimized: From desert to mountain, jungle to tundra, Iridium Extreme puts more powerful capability into the hands of people, around the world. It has more features and accessories than any other satellite phone. It is the only one with real time tracking. It is the only one with GPS-enabled SOS. And it can connect with Iridium Extend to create a Wi-Fi hotspot to keep in touch on your trusted devices — everywhere.


Ruggedized: No other phone in the world has more guts or grit than Iridium Extreme. It is the first phone with military-grade 810F durability. It is dust proof, shock and jet-water resistant. From emergency crews and paramedics to military personnel and government operations, Iridium Extreme is built for the world’s toughest, highest usage customers to make the connections that matter under the harshest conditions, anywhere on the planet.



  • Compact physical footprint for streamlined portability
  • Intuitive user interface for out-of-the-box ease of use
  • Jet-water, shock and dust resistance for unparalleled durability
  • Enhanced SMS and email messaging capability
  • Integrated speakerphone
  • Headset and hands-free capability
  • Internally stowed antenna
  • Mini-USB data port
  • Accessories to create instant wi-fi hotspots anywhere
  • Reliable two-way global coverage

Enhanced Features:

  • Toughest military-grade handset ever built
  • Highest ingress protection (IP) rating in the industry (IP65)
  • GPS-enabled location-based services
  • Supports online tracking and Google Mapping services
  • Programmable, GPS-enabled, one-touch SOS button
  • Smallest Iridium phone ever
  • Diamond treaded, tapered grip for in-hand ergonomics
  • Rugged, high-gain antenna





Shout ts personal tracking device

shout ts

The SHOUT ts is a handheld, global, two-way satellite messaging and personal tracking device. It utilizes Iridium’s short burst data (SBD) service to provide location information determined by a GPS receiver, two-way inbound and outbound status, text messaging, and emergency/alert notifications.

The ts is designed with ultra-low power consumption electronics. With an internal 1.95 A-Hr rechargeable Li-Ion battery, it can send a position report every hour for up to two months (about 1,500 reports). The ts is equipped with a high resolution color touchscreen supporting transmission of free-text, canned messages and a combination of free-text and canned messages. Similar to a “smart” phone, the menu options are displayed as icons for quick access. The device can periodically wake up from sleep to send its position report to a command center. A 911 button is used for immediate emergency/alert notifications. Data are packaged in either standard or 256-bit AES encrypted format. Data can also be sent in encrypted PECOS formats to include Brevity codes.

The ts offers a variety of services including:

  • Normal Tracking — programmed to automatically wake up and send a position report at a set interval ranging from continuous to once every seven days.
  • Emergency Alert — sends alerts to a designated monitoring center using a 911 button. The monitoring center and the user can then communicate to define further specifics of the emergency.
  • Free-Text Messaging — sends free-text via four different sets of on-screen keyboards.
  • Canned Text Messaging — sends canned (pre-defined) messages in short codes to save bandwidth instead of the entire message body.
  •  Waypoint Tracking — sends and/or saves waypoints (interested landmarks) for later retrieval.
  • Check-In — allows a quick check-in message to be sent using a single soft key.




Point to Point Solutions

Key features of our point-to-point satellite solutions

  • Connectivity where ADSL, wireless or cable cannot be accessed.
  • Always-on, fast broadband services.
  • No limit to the number of linked sites – quick and easy to add additional sites.
  • “Single hop” – latency of 500-600ms (teleport solutions also available).
  • Secure data transmission.
  • Independent of government operators.
  • Fixed monthly costs, available in a variety of packages.
  • Point-to-Point, VPN shared or dedicated satellite connectivity.
  • No data caps


Point to point satellite solutions

Point-to-Point VSAT connectivity

This allows one or more sites to connect directly to another, thus eliminating any third party teleport involvement (we do have connectivity options utilising teleports also if necessary). The sites are therefore linked directly to one another through one satellite hop, which greatly improves the transfer of data. This type of connectivity is especially efficient when creating a VPN and using time sensitive software applications, i.e. where latency is critical, such as the case where central database applications are being used. A typical star network would mean a connection from the branch to the hub and then from the hub to head office. This means there is a double satellite hop resulting in latency of 1200-1300 milliseconds. Database applications struggle to perform efficiently with such long delays.

In the current communications environment it is difficult to rely on fixed lines at every branch location. With cables being stolen and the cost of obtaining a connection in a remote location satellite becomes a cost effective solution.

Telstream Telecoms has a point-to-point connectivity solution where you bypass the hub and create a connection directly from the branch to head office. This results in one satellite hop and a round trip delay of 550-650 milliseconds.

SCPC Networks

As organisations continue to establish their operations into increasingly remote areas, it is paramount to guarantee reliable and secure communication between these remote locations and their regional or global headquarters, regardless of their location. Moreover, as these projects evolve into more permanent operations that require a more substantive architecture, more reminiscent of terrestrial wide area networks, employing the VSAT equivalent of secure terrestrial hi-speed links ensures that the entire organisation can communicate confidently and safely.

Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) networks are designed to provide secure, hi-speed fixed bandwidth satellite connectivity for individual sites that are remotely located, where guaranteeing bandwidth availability and operational performance is critical.

The SCPC network solution, forms part of the remote connectivity portfolio offered by Telstream Telecoms and is one of a suite of network solutions designed to optimise communications between remote sites.

The installation of an SCPC link(s) enables the client to establish a reliable and secure communication channel between the central office and the remote site, wherever this may be located. The point-to-point connection supports all typical business and other traffic including voice, email, data and video and is particularly suited for projects requiring a fixed but thicker bandwidth that enables the transmission of higher amounts of data.