Satellite internet

Ever wondered how do all those people survive who live far way in those remote rural areas with no cable lines and TV? How can someone access internet, which has become a subject of life death as for now. No kidding. Internet has touched and molded our lives to an extent that now it has become irrevocably hard to imagine a day without it. However, for those living in rural areas with zero scope of cable wires, satellite internet has arisen to be a boom indeed. Satellite internet is worth considering for people living in rural areas wanting to access broadband INTERNET.

What makes satellite system ideal for rural areas that it does not use telephone lines or cable systems. All the uploading and downloading takes place through a satellite dish mounted at a terrace or at a higher altitude than the ground level. The concept of satellite internet uses the principle of geostationary satellites that offer high data speeds exceeding up to 18 MBps!

Now let’s ponder upon the essentials of a 2-way satellite and how does it works.

A two-way satellite internet consists of the following:

  • A dish (Approximate size 2 by 3 foot)

  • Coaxial cables( between the dish and the modem)

  • Two modems (for up and down link)

The installation requirement is a clear view of the south.

The upload speed of satellite systems is perhaps 1/10th of 500 kbps download speed. Comparatively, satellite systems are ten times faster than a normal modem. A two-way satellite system uses the Internet protocol multicasting technology. Ip multicasting enables the transfer of data from one point to different points by compressing it in tiny bits of information. The result being the reduced size of data and that of the bandwidth too. This is in contrary to the usual dial up systems that have bandwidth limitation inhibiting the multicasting of this magnitude.

Satellite internet is excellent. Although it is a bit expensive. The satellite installations can be used at places where the lack of general utilities prevails. It is an ideal communication set up for web browsing and downloading of files. Nevertheless, you might not be able to relish playing online games due to it sluggish speed caused due to long latency. For people living in rural areas with no electricity, a pc can even work by generating power through a generator or a power supply. The demerits of satellite systems are that, that they are prone to rain fade. Apart from this, if you are a resident of a rural area, satellite internet or satellite phones is just the right thing for you!

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