Satellite Phone tracking success story

Iridium 9575 “Extreme” Satellite phone recovery


Iridium 9575On 17 April 2013 a vehicle belonging to a mining company left site near the town of Likasi in the South Eastern DRC. The vehicle was hijacked at gunpoint by 3 ex-Congolese soldiers. The driver contacted the mine and reported the incident, notifying them that their bag containing an Iridium 9575 “Extreme” satellite phone was still on the back of the vehicle. Telstream Telecoms received an urgent call from the mine’s owner asking for assistance in tracking the satellite phone.

For the whole afternoon there was no sign of the vehicle, until at Midnight, the suspects briefly switched on the phone and it sent a position report in the small town of Luisha. Not long afterwards, two of the robbers were badly injured and arrested by the police when they crashed the vehicle into a tree. The third suspect fled on foot into the bush, taking with him the bag containing the Iridium Extreme phone.

At 08:24 the following morning the suspect briefly activated the phone’s SOS Emergency Button. The Iridium “9575” Extreme sent another position report. Telstream Telecoms provided the mine with an estimated search area. Police were dispatched to the area and found the injured suspect lying under a tree in the bush. His curiosity in switching on the Satellite phone led to his capture and recovery of the phone.


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