Point to Point Solutions

Key features of our point-to-point satellite solutions

  • Connectivity where ADSL, wireless or cable cannot be accessed.
  • Always-on, fast broadband services.
  • No limit to the number of linked sites – quick and easy to add additional sites.
  • “Single hop” – latency of 500-600ms (teleport solutions also available).
  • Secure data transmission.
  • Independent of government operators.
  • Fixed monthly costs, available in a variety of packages.
  • Point-to-Point, VPN shared or dedicated satellite connectivity.
  • No data caps


Point to point satellite solutions

Point-to-Point VSAT connectivity

This allows one or more sites to connect directly to another, thus eliminating any third party teleport involvement (we do have connectivity options utilising teleports also if necessary). The sites are therefore linked directly to one another through one satellite hop, which greatly improves the transfer of data. This type of connectivity is especially efficient when creating a VPN and using time sensitive software applications, i.e. where latency is critical, such as the case where central database applications are being used. A typical star network would mean a connection from the branch to the hub and then from the hub to head office. This means there is a double satellite hop resulting in latency of 1200-1300 milliseconds. Database applications struggle to perform efficiently with such long delays.

In the current communications environment it is difficult to rely on fixed lines at every branch location. With cables being stolen and the cost of obtaining a connection in a remote location satellite becomes a cost effective solution.

Telstream Telecoms has a point-to-point connectivity solution where you bypass the hub and create a connection directly from the branch to head office. This results in one satellite hop and a round trip delay of 550-650 milliseconds.

SCPC Networks

As organisations continue to establish their operations into increasingly remote areas, it is paramount to guarantee reliable and secure communication between these remote locations and their regional or global headquarters, regardless of their location. Moreover, as these projects evolve into more permanent operations that require a more substantive architecture, more reminiscent of terrestrial wide area networks, employing the VSAT equivalent of secure terrestrial hi-speed links ensures that the entire organisation can communicate confidently and safely.

Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) networks are designed to provide secure, hi-speed fixed bandwidth satellite connectivity for individual sites that are remotely located, where guaranteeing bandwidth availability and operational performance is critical.

The SCPC network solution, forms part of the remote connectivity portfolio offered by Telstream Telecoms and is one of a suite of network solutions designed to optimise communications between remote sites.

The installation of an SCPC link(s) enables the client to establish a reliable and secure communication channel between the central office and the remote site, wherever this may be located. The point-to-point connection supports all typical business and other traffic including voice, email, data and video and is particularly suited for projects requiring a fixed but thicker bandwidth that enables the transmission of higher amounts of data.


RESOURCE : http://www.telstream.co.za/satellite-internet/point-to-point-solutions/

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